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Ultra-fast video recorder
Our new, ultra-fast video recorder records directly to the popular MP4 video format in one pass, with no audio setup! (Requires Windows 8 or later)

One-click screenshots
You can now capture round-cornered Windows 11 programs, and more, with one click.

Improved crosshair
The new crosshair is larger and more visible over any background.

Everything in one place
Screenshots, video and audio files are now automatically saved to the same folder with no age or size limits.

Fly through your history
With our new Fastback Viewer, you can fly through your history of captures without needing to fasten your seatbelt.

Compatible with any multi-monitor setup
CaptureWiz is now fully compatible with Microsoft "DPI Awareness", eliminating problems and fuzziness seen before.

Resize screenshots and add borders easily
We added buttons for easily resizing and adding borders to screenshots for quick insertion into emails and other documents.

Stretchy sticky notes
Stretch sticky notes just by dragging an edge or corner.

Plus so many more features you'd be bored to death reading about them. Have fun discovering them on your own!

CaptureWiz 6.26 beta for version 7.0 (5 MB)
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