One Page Guide


by Dave Eisler, author

How to capture

1 On the capture bar, click Area.


2 Drag the mouse (with the left button held down) over the area you want to capture. When the mouse button is released, an output toolbar appears.


3 Select an output from the toolbar, such as Save, Print, Copy, Edit, Email or Sticky.


Thatís it Ė three steps!

Common questions

Q) How do I cancel a capture?

A) Right-click anywhere or press ESC.

Q) How do I capture pictures or pages that are larger than the screen?

1 On the capture bar, click Scroll.

2 Select the scrolling area.

3 Scroll to view the rest of what you want.

4 Click Done.

Q) Whatís the best file format?


Best for photographs, or images with fine gradations of color. Produces small, "lossy", but near perfect, copies in full color.


Best for non-photos. Produces exact copies in full color with the smallest files. PNG is a new, free web standard.


Most common - produces small files that are exact copies, except limited to 256 colors.


Best if the image isn't being sent anywhere. Large, uncompressed, full color files, readable only by Windows.


Q) How do I create a sticky note?

1 On the capture bar, click Area.

2 Select an area.

3 On the output toolbar, click Sticky.

Q) How do I fax a screenshot?

1 Select the screenshot and click Print.

2 In the Name field of the printer dialog, select a fax device, if available.

Advanced questions

Q) How do I capture screen objects that change or disappear when I click the capture bar (menus, drop-down lists, tool tips, screen savers . . .)?

A) Trigger the capture from the keyboard.

1 Display the object to capture.

2 Press the F10 hot key.

3 Capture the object.

Q) How do create a screenshot that includes the mouse pointer pointing where I want?

A) Move the mouse pointer where you want it, then press the CTRL + F10 key.

Q) How do I precisely capture an exact area Ė down to the pixel?

A) Use keyboard arrow keys to move the mouse pointer by one pixel. Mix clicks, drags, ARROW and ENTER keys in any order.


To set the precise size of the selection area, hold down SHIFT while pressing arrow keys.

Q) Can I use CaptureWiz with my favorite image editor, such as Paint Shop Pro?

1 On the capture bar, click Settings / Options.

2 Select the Editor tab.

3 Follow the instructions on screen.

Result: screenshots open in that editor when you click the Editor button.

Q) How do I create a video?

1 On the capture bar, click the Video.

2 Select the area to capture (preferably small).

3 Click Start to begin recording.

4 When done, click Stop.

To watch the captured video, on the player click Play.

Q) How do I capture DOS programs?

A) The trick to capturing a DOS program is to run it in a window, instead of full screen. Then, you can capture its output like any other program. To switch from full screen to in a window, press ALT + ENTER.

Q) Iíve got a bunch of images to capture, how do I automate the process?

A) Configure the F10 hot key to save each one to a different file automatically.

1 On the capture bar, click Settings / Hot Keys / F10.

2 For Output, select Save.

3 Click the Output Detail tab.

4 Click Silent, save to path below:

5 Select the folder, filename and format.

6 Checkmark Automatically increment file.

7 Click OK.

Result: pressing F10 saves captures to incremental files.

Top ten uses

Copy and print what you want from the web. Skip the ads.

Capture from programs that lack print or copy functions.

Give support techs the information they need to fix your problems.

Markup screenshots with your changes and suggestions.

Share information with others who donít have your applications or operating system. Share information in graphical format so it canít be reverse engineered.

Create paper checklists from screen lists.

Keep information on screen from a dialog box, tool tip or window.

Save a picture of your settings after you get things working.

Show others how to set up their computers.

Print a list of installed software for insurance or asset management.

Send cartoons to the author.

Learning more

Thereís demos, tips and much more help available by going to the capture bar and clicking Help.

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