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Latest version

version 6.2

This is the complete, unlimited program. During setup, enter your unlock key, else it expires after 30-days.

To get an unlock key,  buy it here!   If you've lost a key,  click here.

Don't know which version to download? Look it up  here.

Old versions
CaptureWizPro 5.4
CaptureWizPro 4.5
CaptureWizPro 3.B    
CaptureWizPro 3.A Same appearance as 3.B above
CaptureWizPro 3.6 Same appearance as 3.B above
CaptureWizPro 3.2
CaptureWizPro 3.1
CaptureWizPro 2.3
CaptureWizPro 1.32
CaptureWiz Lite 2.4
CaptureWiz 1.11       Oldest available - Jan 2001

Replaced by CaptureWizLite, but still available. CaptureWizLite accepts this program's keys.